Tuesday, 25 October 2016

About Hiring a Good Magento Developer

Hire Magento Developers

Magento, an open source content management system, is one of the most complex eCommerce environments of today’s era. Unlike OpenCart and Shopify, Magento is much better in terms of SEO, modifications, customizations, automation of orders, shipments, coupons, gift codes, and much more. For developers this would be easy, but setting up and operating the system independently is very difficult.

Utilizing Magento daily and hourly generally seems straightforward, but to start up the initial structure and development of a Magento eCommerce business it is advisable to hire an expert Magento developer, that again isn’t an easy task. Let’s here take a look at why to hire an expert, and summarize some focal points that can give you some idea while researching for an ideal developer.

Get an idea about your own needs. Before shortlisting the developers and contacting them for quotes, spare some time and make a detailed plan on paper listing out your needs and desires. This would help you understand the focal points, qualities and difficulties of your online store. Have a clear picture of your priorities, time tables, and your budget. The well established, professional developers would treat you more seriously if they feel that you have done a good research. The key to success is staying up-to-date and involved in the entire development process.

Meet some potential Magento partners. The best way to find a Magento developer is getting recommendations from a trusted colleague. You can also take help from third party service providers, like your hosting agency or your accountants. You can also explore your LinkedIn connections, - a best way to find professionals in any fields. To search in the easiest way, check out LinkedIn groups, just by keying “MAGENTO” in the search bar.

Prefer to look for an Agency. Magento has involved many features of eCommerce, like business logic, design and implementation, PHP programming, shipping, content marketing, and what the list is simply endless. Nary a person could be an expert in everything. Therefore, it would be better to become extra suspicious when someone stakes a claim of being an expert. Beyond everything, a perfect way to deal with all aspects of developing and managing your enterprise is to hire a team of Magento developers where each member of the team has their own expertise. This would only be possible by hiring a company rather than an individual developer.

View the developer’s past customer sites. Customer reviews also play an important role. But, they might sometimes be misleading when customers are unaware about the difference between a medium quality and a highly ranked, extraordinary website. Due to the fact, you might come across excellent reviews simply on the personal level, or negative reviews by people owning a comparatively great website but are not satisfied with what they own. Therefore, rather than relying only on the reviews, it would be preferable to view the portfolio, considering specific things like internal links, accessibility of information, user flows and ease of use.

Develop a long term relationship with the developer. It’s completely right, automated sale processes don’t require much on the programmer’s front. But still, your online store might someday get ill with viruses, or attacked by hostile hackers, or it might simply fail to function well at times. And when all goes well, you would for sure need some regular updates and license renewals for the extensions and themes. Plus, you might even get some new ideas to add in the future. Whether you believe or not, but hiring a new developer would be a huge learning curve, and might even cost you a higher amount of time and money too. Therefore, prefer to hire a programmer that can be available for you solve the problems or issues in the long run.

Try to find out well established, big names. Depending on your budget, hire well experienced Magento developers that have the expertise to take over your project. Look for the developers that are well respected and on regular basis attend or even speak at international conferences, plus regularly writes about relevant topics, say, on a blog or any social media platform.

To summarize, getting a Magento developer is the starting point that can take your web store towards success. It is the most important step that can affect your business for coming years. Whoever you choose, whether an individual freelancer, student or a well established company, it is very important to make sure that you are working with the person or the team you trust, and taking care of your needs and goals can remain at your side for a long run whenever you need them.


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